Monday, December 19, 2016

December 19, 2016 - Nadir and feeling better

Toward the end of yesterday I started to feel better.  Back on the 16th I had a minor 100.2 degree fever because I was fighting something, which explains some of the additional aches and pains.  The fever broke the next night and now I am back to a normal temperature.  Along with the normal temperature came some lessening of the pain.  Yesterday was likely the nadir for this cycle.  (Back on 12/14 I explained the cycle.)  From now on I hope I will be in the healing mode while my body regenerates white blood cells and restores some portion of my immunity.  I’ll still have these pains and will have impacts on my digestive system but I will deal with these effects.

The pains are largely due to micro spasms in various muscles.  If I could get rid of the spasms, I know my quality of life would be greatly improved.  In this light, Kathe and I went through the process (or should I say racket) to get me a medical marijuana card.  I know most think of the medical aspects of marijuana in terms of getting high, but this is not the case when patients stick to a cannabis derivative CBD to alleviate pain and tremors.  With my doctor’s blessing, I tried some CBD.  I am happy to report that my spasms and pain reduced—all without any other side effects except for a slight headache.

Some patients, in addition to taking CBD, take small dosages of psychotropic versions of cannabis like “Indica” to help them sleep.  I have no desire to get high, so I will pretty much stick with CBD in its liquid form.

Now that I know all of this, I am convinced that the drug lobby is behind the whole anti-medical marijuana campaign.  CBD is a heck of a lot better than Tylenol with far less collateral damage.

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  1. Good for you with the CBD. Although I am neither a smoker or a toker, I find the history of marijuana prohibition intriguing. Anti-marijuana measures have many fathers from an excuse to arrest and deport Mexican laborers in the 1930's up to the present day pharmaceutical manufacturers that you reference.