Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 28, 2016 - Losing Hair

Well, the doctor said I would start losing hair at about this time, so I guess I won't escape that one.  If I just run my fingers through my hair, individual hairs just fall out.  I did notice in the shower that I would get hair in my face.  Now I know why.  My hair is about an inch long, so it is probably time to cut it shorter.  I will confess that it is upsetting to lose one's hair after 40+ years of staving it off with Rogaine.  The only problem is that with this particular chemo it doesn't come back in many patients.

I'm still feeling okay in spite of having a light cold.



  1. As I posted on FB, if you didn't lose your hair, it would mean the chemo isn't working. Some men doing chemo opt for a toupee even if it doesn't look natural because it bothers them to wear a cap or hat in order to keep their head warm. Women have an easier time with wigs but unless you decide to cross-dress, that doesn't help you.

  2. I have been looking for a Donald Trump wig...

  3. Heh heh...unfortunately, that's the sort of hair style you might need with no hair at all on your head. Now whether hair styles like Trump's affect your brain is another matter and this blog is about your fight against cancer and not politics.