Friday, March 31, 2017

March 31, 2017 - Two days after last chemo treatment

I am in that period that is the low point from a stamina standpoint and this time I feel the most fatigued.  However, I am still hanging in there.  We saw palliative doctors on Thursday.  The purpose of palliative care is to deal with patient problems post heavy treatment or surgery.  Palliative doctors are therefore very sensitive to patient needs.  The doctors we met at Scripps in Hillcrest had me give a rundown on my status.  Without bragging, I think they were impressed by how well I was handling the chemo.  They congratulated me on this and how good I looked.  I don't know that they would credit the natural supplements, but they did credit the diet.

I had hoped palliative care would be sharing with me some natural approaches to ensure that my outcome is the best.  Unfortunately they do come from the medical profession that has little training on these approaches.  I will have to go to a naturepath.  The bottom line is that I don't think I will need palliative care help for now.

In my last post I didn't mention a few side effects.  One is watery eyes and nose, which apparently does happen along with hiccups when taking steroids.  The other are these small muscle twitches at random places on the body, which may be the Lupron.  They are just somewhat annoying, but not debilitating.

I'm starting to go out without hats, just to get some sun on the top of my head.  That way when I do start growing hair (I hope), I won't come across as a light head. :-)

After our appointment we went to have poke bowls, which is one of Kathe's favorites.  It was a beautiful day.  So was today.

Next step is to have a PET scan in two months to see if things have changed in my bones.  In the meantime we will be watching my PSA closely.  The Lupron shot will last another three months. After that I am planning to go the naturepath route without the Lupron hormone blocker, monitoring PSA very closely.


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