Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 31, 2017 -- And things were going so well...

We had a setback today.  Kathe's doctor called and told her that she has dangerously high cholesterol levels and that she needs to do something about it right away.  Although she has always had higher-than-normal cholesterol levels, this is especially high.  Her high level is likely due to our diet because in addition to the green veggies, few fruits, no refined sugar, etc. it also contains high fat to keep me from losing weight.

Sooo, we have to now go on two separate diets which means double the work every meal and double the cleanup, not to mention the confusion when we go food shopping.  I will have to pitch in on the meal prep, in addition to the cleanup, which I have been doing.

Of course the pain that having the two diets pales when the health of both of us is concerned.  I am hoping and praying that Kathe will be okay.  We both hate the idea of her taking statins, so diet will be the first order of business.  Now we need to go to the grocery store!



  1. Very sorry to hear about Kathe's health challenge. Have you considered he possibility that you can reduce the burden of the different diets by using some portion control and having some parts of your meal the same except for portion and then adding to each based on the diet constraints. Also, while I'm not a "red rice" advocate there are some foods that do lower cholesterol. Oats is one of them. I think you may actually have some fun figuring out how to meet the requirements of both diets without having to prepare two entirely separate meals.

  2. You are right, Barry. We have already done some of this. BTW, the statin that Kathe is taking explicitly says no red rice and lists what it can cause. We wonder if it is the drug company saying "don't try natural remedies because they work too well." If Kathe does try red rice it won't be while taking statins.