Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017 - Next treatment tomorrow

So this is my second attempt at posting.  I inadvertently erased the last post...grrr.

I am doing pretty well and we are managing with the two diets.  We're eating a lot of vegetables and I am eating a lot of nuts, nut butter (without sugar) and some meat.  I am also eating a lot of eggs.  So far I have only lost a pound.

I visited my oncologist and he says that I am looking good and that I appear to be ready for the next treatment tomorrow.  We'll only know after my blood tests tomorrow morning.  I asked him about my 0.17 PSA and he said that he would rather it be 0.  He said that it might be possible that my baseline is 0.17.  This may be the case since for many years I was 0.1 before they could test accurately enough to show the hundredth place.  The key will be if it changes from the value at the end of the chemo.

I was musing about what I will do after the chemo.  I am taking the Modified Citrus Pectin and the AHCC and may continue with this regimen, adding some more natural supplements.  These are some of the supplements that people have pointed me to:

Sugar free diet
Saw Palmetto
Stinging Nettle Root
Modified Citrus Pectin
Vitamin C
Broccoli Sprouts

What to take???

My really helpful next door neighbor, Bob, pointed me to an article about a book that should help.  I bought it and it is on my Kindle for reading on our trip.  The title is "The Healing Platform: Building Your Own Cure".  I am looking forward to reading this book to help me build my recipe for prolonging my life.

We will be gone on our trip for the next two weeks.  I hope all will go well while I am on chemo number 4.


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