Thursday, June 22, 2017

June 22, 2017 Maintaining Diet and Supplements

Not much has changed since my last post.  The only major thing is that the PSA results came back at .03, which is half of what it was at the end of chemo.  For this I give credit the Lupron and my regimen, plus lots of positive thinking and continuing great support.

I am still having some swelling in my ankles and legs that I am able to control with compression socks.  I am avoiding diuretics, largely because they really don't help.  I suspect that the swelling is a side effect of the Lupron, but I can't test this since the Lupron lasts for three months.  I'm starting to eliminate a supplements one by one to see if I find one that is contributing to the swelling.

On the diet front I am constantly fighting the desire to eat sweets and am constantly exploring the world of "no sugar added" and "sugar free" foods.  Practically all have just as many carbohydrate grams as the sugar items and as we know, our bodies convert carbs to sugar.  So these sugar free and no sugar added foods are not the answer, but a few bites here and there help.

I also started first taking a carb blocker and now a sugar blocker.  I don't know if this is having the right effect, but I do notice if I take these I am more regular, which is a desirable side effect.

I have been having minor stomach aches.  I suspect that it is because I am not religious in taking broccoli sprouts pills right after meals.  I'm trying to control this better.

As for my general comfort level, I am still feeling pretty good.  In spite of the doctor's predictions that I would be fatigued as a result of the Lupron, I am feeling pretty close to normal, able to operate for full days with a minimum of fatigue.  The only thing that I notice most is the stiffness when I get up from sitting.  Much of this is in my legs and I attribute it to the water retention and also to the lack of exercise.  Exercise is one area that I really need to work on.  I walk 45 minutes per day, but I need to do more.

I'm taking the following:  (1) Magnesium, (2) Potassium, (3) baby aspirin, (4) Saw Palmetto, (5) Stinging Nettle Root, (6) Broccoli Sprouts, (7) Sugar Blocker, (8) AHCC+ for immune building, (9) Modified Citrus Pectin (1/3 dose per day), (10) Multivitamin, (11) Omega 3.  I also have a loaded smoothie with protein powder, lots of frozen kale and spinach, frozen fruit, and almond milk every morning for breakfast.  I am consuming prodigious amount of walnuts, pecans, almonds, and macadamia nuts as snacks.  Then there is the low carb/low sugar diet, although I do have some fruit and a small piece of hard cheddar and some yogert from time to time.

So far, so good...

Until next time,

Ex-Chemo Man, Les

P.S. The hair is slowly returning to my head and face!

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